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Six valuable reasons for end users
to adopt KandooERP

Having a massive marketing power is rarely synonym of  delivering customer satisfaction!

If you use to visit airports or similar crowded places, you may regularly notice beautiful advertisements for some of the ‘big four’ ERP solutions, generally stating that “N or the X world’s biggest companies have adopted our magic ERP suite”, or a similar message.

This is probably true, but they just forgot to tell you about all the nightmare those companies had to live during years before they could operate with a minimum of satisfaction and reliability.

Also, sometimes, those projects simply fail after a few years because budget and timeline have completely exploded and the initial targets are missed.

Selecting an ERP solution is not a so easy decision

As an end-user company, your perception about your ERP strategy may balance between two positions:

  • using a ‘big’ ERP solution generates dependency on those companies
  • you generally have to adapt your business processes to the ERP instead of the ERP adapt to your business processes​
  • any alteration of the original product generally costs a lot of money
  • the timeline to deliver fixes and enhancements does not depend on you
  • it takes time for the software integrator to understand your company’s way of working(if they ever want to).
  • using an ‘in-house’ solution​ generates no dependency but the application may be somewhat outdated, and you see many of your competitors switching to a big ERP solution, so you may be tempted to think it is a good thing​, but remember:
  • you and your team perfectly know your company and your business activity
    your application is 100% compliant with your business process​es
    ​you have (internal) control on fixes and enhancements

How about simply picking the best of both positions?

KandooERP ‘can do’ that!

The reality is never totally black nor totally white, but it is often somewhere in the middle. This is where KandooERP can bring you clear advantages:

1. KandooERP is an open source solution:

  • you have the source code,
  • you can modify whenever necessary and as much as necessary,
  • you can decide who performs the modifications or enhancements
  • you are IN CONTROL!

2. KandooERP community members includes recognized experts in 4GL,  DBMS technologies and functional experts as well:

  • we can provide best of breed technical and functional support
  • our community speaks more and more languages​
  • it is spread today on four continents, meaning 24/7/365 technical support is possible

3. KandooERP is developed in Lycia 4GL, which is a very powerful though easy to read language

  • this makes it easier to understand the source code​ even for a non-programmer
  • where 4GL will use 100 code lines, most of the other popular languages will use close to 600 or 800 lines
  • all of this makes any enhancement or alteration much cheaper for you

4. Budget wise, you will not pay licenses for the application​ itself

  • this will probably make a big difference on the total investment​

5. KandooERP can run on Cloud, on premises or even both

  • you choose​ where you want to run KandooERP
  • you choose to run it on internet browser, on light client or for some programs, on mobile devices

6. KandooERP is secure!

  • KandooERP has a built-in complete module of users access management
  • the client is connected thru a secure connection (https​)
  • by end of 2018, KandooERP will run on a DBMS that is 100% GDPR compliant: you data will be protected

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