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Six valuable reasons for developers
to be a KandooERP member

Collaborating as a developer in the KandooERP community will provide numerous benefits such as:

1 – Relying on a solid software kernel as the basement of your future developments

  • the big part of the job is done​, you can now bring your added value to fit to your customers requirements

2 – Being part of a growing and passionate developers community, whose guidelines are sharing knowledge and mutual collaboration

  • this community already includes worldwide known 4GL experts, DBMS experts and functional experts
  • forget the syndrome of the lonely 4GL developer, our community extends in many countries
  • thru this community​, you  have now the real possibility to provide 24/7/365 support to your customers

3 – Using the best trade-off between development simplicity, productivity, cost of maintenance, modern features in an open architecture: the Lycia 4GL language.

  • the development platform has a really big integration potential, such as:
  • working on different DBMS vendors in the same program
  • easily produce and consume Web Services (intranet or internet, B2B, Govt Admin)
  • handle MS Office documents from the application (thru the light client)
  • imagine connecting KandooERP to ​Document Management Systems or any other useful applications. You have ideas? share them with us!​​​

4 – As a KandooERP member, the IDE is totally free of charge​ for you + your contributions are rewarded 

  • you start with a 3 months full development license, then we extend it to one year or more according to your interest and participation​​
  • any contribution is granted “Kandoo Rewards”. When the company running KandooERP will be created, your Kandoo Rewards will be converted to company shares. See the Kandoo scoreboard page. ( you need to register first)

5 – Supplying your customers with a scalable, stable and fast runtime environment

  • web Based,
  • totally graphic ​,
  • programs run as binary mode, not interpreted mode,
  • runs natively in UTF8 codeset and technically ready to speak your language
  • ready for Cloud, on Prems,  or both: your choice
  • icing on the cake: get a recurring money return on the Querix maintenance fee paid by your customers (which are very competitive)

6 – Small streams make big rivers:  a few days after its creation, the community had members in  all  5 continents. This growth potential is your opportunity to expand your geographical, professional and technical scope, as well as reach other business dimensions.

Why not compete with the big players ?

With KandooERP, we will push the limits beyond whatever you have already done with the 4GL technology: we have the platform to make it possible.

Don’t think twice: the Digital Transformation is occurring now, and because we believe in the same core values, we are totally convinced that this project is just tailored for you.

Click on the button to become a KandooERP member and understand even more advantages in joining our worldwide task force.

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