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You have a 4GL based solution? Let's turn it into a modern solution

Many companies still run and/or develop IBM Informix 4GL ™ based solutions.

This might be your case.

We totally understand the reasons why those applications keep running: they perfectly match the companies business requirements and they are generally very robust.

Nevertheless, the world has been changing and the ‘legacy’ 4GL look and feel is no more adapted to modern environments, nor capable to communicate with newer IT technologies such as Web Services, APIs etc.

The KandooERP community can resolve your dilemma

Remember that KandooERP is a large community of 4GL and DBMS specialists that have in hands a powerful development platform capable of transforming your applications into good looking, stable, fast and open  solutions, without modifying their core logic.

What do we suggest for you?

1- We will create a group of developers and a DBA to collaborate with your developers and get to know your code inside out.
2- We will create comprehensive documentation for your code.
3- We will modernise your application.
4- We will help maintain your code/add functionality/keep up to date with latest technology.
5- Further we will help you sanitise your DB at all times.
6- And save you money in the process.

This will give you peace of mind for years to come.

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