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The Story

Open Source ERP

based on THE 4GL language: Why?


Looking back at my career, I have found that there are many rewards in grouping together in order to achieve a common goal. This is why I set out to create basis for such collaboration.

Being called in to accounts as a consultant in Informix related products I realized that database apart, most of my customers share a common application, an ERP.

In a well designed ERP, there are generic set of modules which are almost identical, in that the analytical accounting concept is the same. However there are other modules that are adapted to suit the exact Business Logic of the user. These variations may be the result of the way they run their Inventory, Manufacturing etc…

A deeper study shows that accounting across borders, is much the same. It only differs in the way Profit and Loss accounts are prepared for the submission to the governments and the various tax rates which may apply.

Electronic payments of accounts, are also bound to follow a few standard APIs.

A bigger challenge is, moving ahead with the technology as it evolves. This could be a very costly exercise, and depending very much on the underlying code the application is written in.

I have set to resolve all the challenges faced by most of customer in the following way:

I have selected a 4GL based ERP application (4GL is the language I best like, for ease of learning and maintenance, and I know most of the people here are familiar with) and modernized the application to look and feel like latest Sage ERP. The entire application is being Open Sourced, meaning you can change it, adapt it, sell it and use it .

The application is:

  • Analytical

  • Modular

  • Unicode

  • Multilingual

  • Multi Currency

  • Multi Company

  • Multi Warehousing

  • Manufacturing

  • Shipping

  • and most of all Private and Public Cloud enabled.


Call for action


I am calling for those of you who wish to join in, in order that the code may be used in your industries, as is, with a little modification to adapt to your specific activity. This has the following benefits for you and your employers:

  1. You remain in full control of your application: you have the source code and you can modify it as needed

  2. Against all odds, 4GL is still one the most most productive, easy to read and easy to learn programming languages. It has been consequently enriched with many functionality making it a tough competitor against newer languages.

  3. “New” languages do not have critical features that 4GL has always had: for instance, did you ever design forms in Java or PhP as easily and quickly as with 4GL? Not to speak about the number of lines you’ll need to achieve this…

  4. The look and feel of the application is definitely modern, although the rich GUI will not require tons of energy to obtain.

  5. As a kandooer, you are part of a group of developers who know the code, and can quickly help you to develop any future requirements, also without wasting too much energy.

  6. With the help of the community you can provide the users 24/7 support.

  7. If you are a VAR, you will benefit from a Brand name, with 24/7 support and available in many languages and currencies.

  8. As the installations and services around the ERP increase, there would be an intrinsic value for a global player to buy out the community supported infrastructure, money that can be shared by participants.

Sincerely, I can see so many reasons to be enthusiatic about KandooERP project. It is true that there is a number of Open Source ERPs on the market place, but again think about the huge competitive advantage we have on productivity and maintenance costs with the 4GL language.

The application field is very large, the only limit is the imagination.

Stop thinking, join the venture!

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