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KandooERP Order Management

Be in control of your purchase orders and processes


Over 100 Order Management Features

To attract customers in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, you need to offer a broader selection of products than ever. And to keep those customers, you must tap every source of supply to deliver on time, at the lowest cost.

KandooOrders  can help you meet the most demanding customer expectations by promising delivery based upon actual supply across all potential sources, including production capacity and purchases from suppliers. Global order promising can also limit access to high-demand items and intelligently manage the order backlog when demand outstrips availability, so you can keep your fulfilment operations on track.


Gain Competitive Advantage from Better Fulfilment

From consumers to corporate purchasing departments, today’s buyers leverage all available channels to find the best price and availability. To respond competitively, you can’t just quote standard lead times. You need to compare the actual stock, production capacity, delivery options and costs of every potential source of supply.

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